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CCM Pro Return 13A NHL Spec Senior Goalie Pants | Fit 2 | St. Louis Blues (Navy)

Brand new for the 2017-2018 NHL season; we have gotten our hands on the newest spec CCM Pro Return NHL Spec Senior Goalie Pants! These pants are the exclusive 13A model which is built off of several different styles of pant to offer the highest level of protection. The base of the pant is most similar to the Reebok 11K pant which features a separate upper attachment from the lower half. The biggest change in NHL spec pants is the rounded thighs on the bottom half which sit closer to the goaltenders body. Moving to the top of the pant; the hip padding is very similar to the older CCM CL Pro pant mixed with designs from the CCM 12A pro stock pant. That front hip padding has an extra strategic cut to allow for more flexibility; while being sewn down in more places so the padding does not fold up and expose the thigh. The second biggest change in NHL spec pants is the full elastic front which does not allow goalies to wear their pants incredibly baggy. This full elastic front allows for more uniformity and a tighter fit on the body. Last; the sizing of the waist was changed to make the sizing of goalie pants more specific to the individual goaltender; so please check the size chart before purchasing. These pants are made to NHL and AHL specifications ALL Pro Return gear is made to the Pro’s specification and may have been altered or have slight cosmetic blemishes Some pants may have the lacing in front instead of full elastic Some pants may also have “KW” signature or a player specific name on the inside No Warranty – CCM Pro Return 13A NHL Spec Senior Goalie Pants

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